nce upon a time hotels provided an escape from the perils of daily life as palaces of transcendence and curiosity.

Resonating with the heartstrings that made these places special, boutique hotels are emboldened in popularity by their patrons. Thus, out of desire Boutique Mate was born; in order to serve the individualized needs of our exclusive community.


Boutique [bo͞oˈtēk] meaning the special care and attention provided to a sophisticated and unique clientele, where products and services cater to the independent or originality mindset.


Mate [meyt] is generally regarded as the world’s most common term of endearment. Like your best friend, you can rely on us to help you get what you need without the obstacles.

Company Manifesto

Boutique Mate is a direct booking tool for independent or unique hotels. We seek to support our community by offering the tools and applications needed to facilitate a full-service experience. We ask you to rely on our stewardship and in return, Boutique Mate will provide unparalleled service.

While the world becomes increasingly standardized, there are those who seek to separate from the pack and venture the roads less traveled. We challenge the status quo by awakening your senses to the unexplored and the yet to be obtained.

Our family of hotel partners host a range of experiences from lively hipster havens to the finest luxury properties in the world.